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Diana's Bow Online Newsletter for February 27th, 2009


Diana's Bow Online Newsletter
February 27, 2009
Moon in Aries

Some of the words used to describe Aries and the Moon together:
Yang, Masculine, Solar, Positive, Diurnal, Fiery, Cardinal, Barren, Horary Eastern, Vernal, Boreal, Commanding, Equinoctial, Feral, Bestial, Animal, Four-footed, Dry, Bitter, Hoarse, Hot.
The Diana's Bow Phase of the Moon is in Aries today, a placement of this phase that puts it in an exalted mode. The Diana's Bow Phase is new starts, fresh beginnings, and forward action and that is what Mars and the sign of Aries is all about as well! Very sanguine, but few can handle it.

This phase tells us about our instinctiveness, the id, our ego, our survival instincts, flight or right responses, our mind. Not our mind hidden along with hidden agendas, but our feelings revealed to all who can handle it, our truth, our ideas, our inner reflections, all out in the open, an open book, like the lead charecter of a play on the stage alone with only the floodlight upon him! The inner knowing working in tandem with our intuition. Our inner soul bared to all!

This is the time to take action, get something started, to inspire others to get moving! If you don't want to take action at this time, you will get left behind in the dust. Moon and Aries working together is a HOT combination, harness this energy and make it work for you. I really believe that the fire from Aries, just like the Sun's fire is reflected by the Moon, lighting up the dark, revealing our darkest fears and lighting them up into positivity and plans of action. If you are sitting, get up and move forward NOW! Aries is impatient, don't keep them waiting!

Since the Diana's Bow Phase of the Moon and Venus were together (conjunct) in the night sky tonight, you can read more about that at the following links here:
It was definitely a sight to behold!

the Tarotlaydee )0(


Entity Releasement

Have you ever become angry, vengeful, agitated, or depressed for no apparent reason? It is possible that the unseen force of one or more entities have affected you adversely. There is much confusion surrounding this topic, and there are even more theories about the contamination they can cause and the rel easement of them. It is the intent of this brochure to give you the basics of understanding entities from a metaphysical perspective; and there forces in the place and the energy around you and how to protect yourself and your space.

What is an Entity?

An entity is anything perceived as outside of you that feeds off your energy or emotions. It can be a thought form that has taken on a life of its own, a discarnate energy pattern with malicious or non-malicious intent, a hook or attachment from one or more persons, or a discarnate being that feeds off the energy or thoughts of its host. It has nothing to do with what you have done or not done. An entity can jump from person to person or from apparently nowhere and is very easy to attract in these accelerated times. You are susceptible to entity contamination when you are with people, out shopping, at the movies, or at a restaurant. Realize that entities can be controlled and expelled easily and effectively.

Causes of Entity Contamination

Many problems can be caused by entity contamination, including depression, anxiety, fear, addictions, suicidal tendencies, phobias, relationship difficulties, bad health, rage, hyperactivity, crabbiness, money problems, and blocks to personal and spiritual growth. This does not mean that every instance of problem is entity related, so use discernment in assessing any situation.

Common Signs and Symptoms of Entity Contamination

Sudden depression, rage, edginess, anger, sadness, or anxiety
Feeling suddenly dizzy or off-balance
Repetitive or weird thoughts
Personality changes
Chronic or sudden health concerns
Manic depression
Relationship problems
Multiple personalities

There are simple methods to determine if an entity has entered you or your space. Even work environments can become "sick" due to entity invasion. The simplest way to clear yourself or your home is to smudge your self and your home with sage and sweetgrass. This is an old Native American tradition that still works perfectly well today. If you do not have any sage and sweetgrass available, most dollar stores have sage incense which you can burn. Not as effective, but will help.

If the signs and symptoms are extreme, consult with a medical professional first to ensure that there is not a medical issue. Spiritual contact your religious leader of your local church or any new age store can usually point you in the right direction of a person locally who can assist.

Bright blessings,
Rev. Carla Goddard, B.Msc.
The Center of Divine Light
Zephyrhills, Florida


hands as hearts

hands as hearts
go whumpthump
on the skins of some shy silly

and a coupla
rattleshakes and tinslaps
three greens float inta
the cup
(not one muth ah fu kin cent
for war),
a kid just mesmerized
totters in the humid
streetbeat tides . . .

then slides some burly
with the attitude and a
babble in he hat
ambassador from a heaven
nobody really sees now

bus pulls up
evvybody on
evvybody gone
leaving only tapping
footshadows and
hands as hearts

"hearts as hands" copyright 2007, ddjango/P!Banger. All rights reserved. Reprint only with author's permission or full attribution.


Mind My Mind

Mind my mind.
Mind my mind.
This is me
minding my mind:

I am well.
I am worthy.
I am capable.
I am courageous.
I am prosperous.
I love.
I am loved.
I Believe.
I have Faith.
I am real.
I am sincere.
I am blessed.
I give my life fully to all The Sacred asks of me.

Mind my mind.
Mind my mind.
This is me minding my mind:

(grrrrrrumble, grouch, complain)

Come here Mind.
That's no place for you.
It's dangerous there.
I know.
I've been there.
Come on love, come on back.
(inhale, exhale) oh yeah...
I am well.
I am capable.
I am Changing.
I am breathing.
All I need is provided with ease.
I pay attention.
I take action.
I am well.

I hear the suggestion to mind your mind
come out of my mouth regularly these days
as I work with sooo many of my clients.
No kidding, check your notes.
Is it there?
Did you circle it?
Are you DOING it?

Mind your mind.

You probably were nudged to write,
MIND MY MIND in big letters.

Letting the detrimental mind have full reign
has been dangerous in my life.
I'll get to a couple of examples, later.

For those of you struggling to break the cycle,
the addiction, the habit of that mind
which keeps running off to play in
what I have come to call
"that broken glass, where danger and pain
are so easily found, and increased,"
have courage.
Habits can be altered.

Some of you say things to me, like,
"I know I'm an idiot, I keep on doing it."
Honestly, that's a pretty hard way to change things.
If someone were calling your little kid an idiot,
do you think it would help empower the child
to do what needs to be done?

Think about it for a second.

Let's go back to the broken glass scene.
I see busted panes (pains?) of plate glass windows.
(former ways to look at things?)
Lets say your kid was wandering into it.
(I mean, come on, there's some validation there:
It's familiar territory, old ways and old shards of one's Self)

It is dangerous!
Do you scream at the child to
(one very vocal mom told me yes,
she probably would say something like that,
without the word idiot put on the kid)

When people scream at me, I shut down.
I have a history of not listening
when I'm told what to do
in ways that are overbearing.

What about you?

Now let's make that kid someone else's child,
and only about two years old.
It's a fresh start-baby!
You'd probably be kinder to it.
"Come here honey, that's dangerous.
Let's find somewhere nicer to play."

Right? Can you see yourself doing that?
Do you think the kid might listen, and react,
to your kind voice
which directs them find something else;
something that's probably more interesting anyway?

What if that kid is you?
I mean, lets face it,
breaking a long-used habit
like playing in dangerous areas of the mind
can take us down to our most juvenile behaviors, right?
It's not such a big jump.

Be gentle with your Self.

Maybe you are accustomed to being hard on yourself
because you were were admonished so much by another,
or because you've come to identify your Self by it's pain.
("but the broken glass is my home!")
Big deal.
Get through it.
This is YOU we're talking about.
Mind your mind.
Step away from the glass.
(or live there fully, and step away from me)

If you notice you're saying things like,
"another day, another pile of poop"
then NOTICING is your eyeopener.
Now reach back and pat your own back, for taking notice.
Good job!
(I knew you were up to the work)

This is me, minding my my mind:
Another day, another opportunity to change.
Another day, another breath.
I am changing with every breath.
I am courageous.
I am stepping away from my past.
I am in the present.
I am creating my wonder filled future.

Baby steps, slow and easy.
This is a new skill.
Nurture it.
Practice it.
Do it.

Take responsibility for your mind
and your life will follow you right out
of that dangerous neighborhood.

Perhaps you think I oversimplify.

You are welcome to your belief, as always,
but really, I'll give you some examples
to illustrate just how simple it is,
once you get the hang of it.

I believe that we all manifest our present situations,
and that of our future, with every thought.

When we keep our thoughts focused
on what we Believe is Becoming,
on what we Know we Can,
on what we are Engaged in Being,
it's energy invested in our Doing:
our literal Creating of Self.

Does this make sense to you?

Let me talk a little about me now.
Forewarning, it's going to be frank and graphic,
so only continue if you are okay with such things.

I had a child with a man I loved
who was a wonderful guy,
most of the time;
if he was sober.
Unfortunately, he indulged in alcohol more than he abstained.
When he was drunk he would regress
into psychotic behaviors nurtured in a war zone.
Long story short, there were guns, knives,
physical fights, trip wires, booby traps and more.
He died in my arms due to internal bleeding.
His death certificate states, "long history of alcohol abuse."

I had a child with another man.
He too, an alcoholic, was vile in his drinking.
His chosen abuse was words.
He was very skilled at his shredding of a soul.

There was a brief relationship with a guy
who nearly threw me down the stairs.
He was out the next day.
I felt empowered.
I was NO LONGER putting up with that crap.

Then there was the one who drank profusely,
spent my rent money on drugs,
and stalked my family for nine months
after he had moved out.

I was pretty much over them all, I thought.
Fuck men! Who needs them?

Blessedly, I got the answer to that prayer
via a gentle sweet lover who was never my boyfriend.
He reminded me that men had attributes
which were worth the effort
(this lent me a sense of otherwise absent hope in partnering).

I walked around, for years, all full of myself.
I liked playing with men, you know, smooching and all,
but could not be bothered with taking them home to bed them.
I knew such things only led to one place,
and I'd found that place held little interest for me.
I was building me and I would not be distracted.

My priority was my children.
My intent was to grow them up well.

"I've got a left and a right hand. Why would I need you?"
became my standard response to serious invitations from men.

I was reading cards, more fluently than ever, by this time.
I had developed what seemed to be a new modality
of reading (henna) and changed my vocation.
I was investing more fully in the Sacred Work.
I repeatedly saw that my Partner was coming.
This continued to show up in my readings for three years.

One evening, I was chilling with a friend.
He'd just shared all his intentions
of what his future wife would be.
He looked at me, when he was done, and asked,
"So, what are YOU waiting for?"

I fired away, in a knee-jerk response:
"I'll tell you what he's NOT gonna be!
He's NOT gonna be a drinker.
He's NOT gonna be a druggie.
He's NOT gonna be an abuser.
He's NOT gonna be an ASSHOLE.
Blah blinking blah"

I went on that way for a bit.

He listened closely, then he said,
"I didn't ask you what you don't want.
I asked you what you are waiting for."

Holy Crap.


The dawn broke, for me, right then
(as in, I woke up, in the middle of my pile of broken glass).

Here I was, a person who knew all that stuff about
the law of attraction, positive thinking and all that jazz.
Here I was, actually doing EXACTLY what I
would admonish clients for doing.

I cried.
I mean, I bawled my eyes out.
I Saw what had been my pattern,
not in men, but in my energy to draw them to me:
the drunken, druggers, abusers:
(including, my statement:"I am no longer putting up with that crap")
different faces and different forms of the same sort.

Are you beginning to understand?

It took me weeks to place the first attribute on paper.
This first step was much more difficult than I imagined it to be.
It caused me to take action for my Self, in my own writing:


There it was.

I'd never said that before when I spoke about what I wanted,
and here it was, right in front of me, on paper.
You know, I'm smart.
I was ready to have a smart partner
who could discuss a variety of topics.

Heck yeah!

And you know, I thought,
my partner is smart enough to teach me things
and humble enough to learn from me.

I wrote that down too.

Within a few days I added
that my partner has a generous sense of humor.
I like to laugh, you know.

(You'll note that I wrote in present tense,
as it was important to me that the coming Mate,
BE all these things, already,
when they were revealed to me)

The details came in smooth sequences.
The more I minded my mind
the more I opened up to what I really desired,
to what I would like my approaching partner to be.

The intention grew. My love would be:

Respectful of and to me, and my kids.
Have a strong sense family values.
Have a prosperous source of income for themselves.
Be secure in who they are.
Trust me.
Love me in a healthy way.
Be a fabulous kisser.
Have a great tongue.
Honor my every curve.
Worship me.
Support me in every way.
Be open to my witchiness.
Zero offspring.
Zero wives. (that one almost counted me out!)

I reread, adjusted,
and thought about my Partner
for three years.
I was patient.
I was going with the flow, with much greater ease.

Three years after I Awakened to my words,
I went to my twentieth high school reunion.
On the way out the door the first night's event,
I encountered a man I've known since I was twelve.
We yammered for six hours in the parking lot that night.
Honestly, we SPOKE about topics as broad as
politics, religion, schooling and shared memories.
I didn't really see him again for most of two weeks,
but when I did, there was a date, and a kiss.

It was then that I knew, it was Him.

He embraces and exhibits all I mentioned above,
and we will be jumping the broom very soon.

While I had fleshed out my Partner's aspects on paper,
I concurrently had been working on the intentions for my next abode.
I had sensed a move.
I knew the Next Place would be all I asked for.

I live there now.

I could have upped the ante
if I had also placed on my Mate list,
"be an ecclectic Pagan Witch",
but I didnt.
I'm not trading him in, to get that now.
I also could have changed the
"strong sense of family values"
to include something like
"which is at ease with distance."
Perhaps, then we'd be living in Vermont,
instead of Florida, where his family lives.
You see, I am still learning too!

I could have upped the ante on the house,
by having the clean walls already painted in colors I love
(they are white, and I'm still working to develop my plan there).
I manifested a full wall of the exact shelving I wanted,
but did not mention my desire for immediate access to it.
Laughably, the wall of shelves is my son's room!
I will get to use that feature when son is grown and moves away.
I'm happy to wait a few years.

If I told you all I manifested
in the home, specifically, you would laugh.
Trust me though,when I tell you
it was, exactly, what it is.

One last personal example for you
(I know, you're getting tired, but it's pertinent).
I remember when I was in constant prayer
asking for, "just enough to get by,"
and I am here to tell you
that "just enough to get by" is EXACTLY what I received.
Finances were a huge struggle back then.
What else could they have been?
My prayers are always answered!

When I realized this,
I flipped the prayer over to something like:
I am capable of prosperity
and welcome it fully into my life.
I am financially free.

I'm still praying that one,
but let me assure you,
there are more digits
to the left of the decimal point
in my bank account now!

I tell you this, less out of a vain recognition,
and more to serve as an example
of how one CAN awaken themselves
to minding their mind,
empowering their Selves to create what
and how they want their life to be, starting now.

Mind you, there's more to Change
and Minding my Mind, than all this,
there is the work of blessed release of what no longer serves growth
(like that pile of broken glass-habit)
and a time of allowing mySelf to embrace being empty too,
to give space for The Work to be done.

A dear client
who recently found herself
knee deep in the lesson of minding her mind
wrote the following note to illustrate her work to me
(thanks for letting me print this here honey!):

"I let a bunch of shit go. Even some shit I didn't realize I was holding onto. Then, I sat down and made my list. I made it so specific, it's comical. He just started knocking, and I'm checking an insane amount of things off that list. It's frightening, actually. But I'm not running...

I made the list down to what sign I wanted, ethnicity, I even asked
for perfect teeth that get flossed daily. He told me he's glad I
brought up flossing because he flosses after every meal, no exceptions,
and women think he's nuts. I did mention ONE thing I did NOT
particularly want, and that was an overly-muscular man. I have to
laugh, because including what you don't want doesn't work. The universe
hears, "overly-muscular." He's a fucking body builder. I laughed so
hard. I definitely ain't turning it down...


I'm not implying that minding your mind is easy,
but honestly, I've noticed examples over and over again
of how absolutely spectacular, amazing and courageous my clients are.

Therefore, I can only believe
that you, having read this far,
have the courage
to lovingly and gently,
awaken to the awareness of where your broken glass is,
and, in so doing, take action.

It's all up to you.

I can help you with some of these lessons,
but you must do your own work,
just as I have, and I continue, to do mine.

If you are ready for your next
session of empowering reflection,
I'm here:


Earthmother, manqué.

Sometimes I find it hard

To resist the growing urge

To cook for the children,

The ten or twelve I never had,

Or cater for the horde

Of hungry friends that once

Came knocking at mealtimes,

Eager for food or fellowship.

The phantom feet still beat

A path at times to my door,

And wait like patient pets

For recognition and relief.

At times like these, I shiver,

And make vast cauldrons

Of hot and bubbling soup

Massive crumbles and pies,

Roast beef, all the trimmings,

And try not to count

The empty chairs around

My waiting, groaning table.

By Veronica Beccabunga


What is it Like to Care?

To Care, is to wake to freshness of the gracious morning Sun,
To it's warmth upon your skin.

To Care, it hear the rising of the highest Tides,
As it wash's the soft sand out beneath your feet.

To Care, is to feel the touch and softness of a newborns Skin,
To hear that baby's cry in the soft and gentle Winds.

To Care, is to hear the wind whistle and rustle the leaves above your Head,
While picking up some and feel the smoothness of the soil within your Hands.

To Care, is to smell the light and soft scents of a new Flower Bud,
Watch as it grows and withers as it ready's itself for the next years Bloom.

To Care, is to tap in to the unwanted power of Love,
Given to us from the Gods and Goddesses above.

To Care, is to have a touch of the Rain and cool Breeze brush across you,
As they wash and whips' your sorrows away.

To Care, is to grow old in your life as you have watched the growth of your Children,
To know they will watch their Children one day do the same thing.

To Care, is to pass on to this World your wisdom that was passed onto you,
To share all you know so none will see the sorrow you have seen.

To Care, is to know the everlasting voice of Love,
From the soul that only you can touch.

To Care, is to know the world is in need of people like You and Me,
To Care, for all those who are still in need.

By Teeaj Johnson
January 31, 2009


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Saturday March 14, 2009 – The Soul Mirror

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With Special Guests Hecate's Wheel!

International recording artists Hecate’s Wheel; an acoustic folk trio made up of Vicki Scotti, LuAnn Morris & Amy Otero. We have been playing and singing together in the Tampa Bay area for several years. Our music is inspired by, and dedicated to the Goddess in all Her guises. We sing an eclectic variety of cover songs and original music. Our voices have a natural harmonious blend; we consider ourselves to be musical soul mates! Loved by Witches & Muggles alike; let us inspire & enchant you! We guarantee you’ll walk away with a warm & smiling heart!


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I believe that there is a misconception when it comes to what soul mates are.So many people believe that soul mates are someone who you are married to or in a romantic relations with. Not always so, let me explain. A soul mate from my understanding is someone that you have had previous lifetimes with and there is sometimes karma that needs to be worked out between you, this could be a family member, close friends or even someone that you are married to or have a romantic relationship with. My own experience with having a soul mate that you are married to, there is a karmic debt that needs to be worked out between you both, this could last this lifetime or maybe several, not always coming back to be a couple again though. If we realize that there are things that needs to be worked on, this process can move a lot quicker to where you can find your twin soul.

If you find yourself in a relationship with someone that is your significant other and you have a lot of problems that you seem to be repeating over and over then I believe it would be safe to assume there is some sort of karmic debt to pay. My experience was I was married for over 20 years and we fought all the time, always seemed to be the same thing over and over. Now this is the catch here, once your karmic debt is paid off from that person you will be free to move on if that is your choice. You will know when it is paid, you will have a release and like a burden lifted, even though the problems are still there, the other person may not want to work through this so then they have to keep coming back to get it right so to speak. Twin flames however are so much different from what I understand, now I am not claiming to be an expert on this, just giving you what I have been shown personally. Maybe this will help someone somehow. Twin flames are one soul that was split apart in the beginning of time. You have male/female energies, the perfect balance.

Once one, you are split apart to make male and female, but still have the same soul, it is just that you are half yourself. lol Once all Karmic debt is paid from many lifetimes from both male and female there is a chance of coming together with your true other half in a lifetime to in the end ascend together, not having to come back again if you choose not to. Then I believe that you are given a choice to be a guide, ascended master for those still living. I have been given a great gift of being with my twin flame in this lifetime and it is the most precious gift I could ever have and I treasure it with all of my being. Twin flames are mirror images of each other, you have always heard of opposites attracting? Well I guess they do, but with a twin flame... it is not so. Your thoughts, your actions, the reasons you do what you do are the exact same. your goals, your thinking patterns all the same.

You understand each other in a way that no one else does, because you know yourself so well that you know the reasons you do what you do. And things that your partner does, doesn't make you mad that if someone else did the same thing you would tend to get upset with. Being with your twin flame comes a lot of responsibility, it is not to have this great awesome love life and relationship, it is, please pay attention to this, it is for the greater good of ALL mankind. This twin flame love is without strings without conditions, you truly learn what unconditional love is and total acceptance is. This is what is suppose to be shown to others, to bring about this type of love and acceptance to all. Just think, if this kind of love was world wide what kind of peace would we have? I would like to hear from anyone or answer any questions you may have on this subject.



I am here to help you answer the questions you seek. I have been gone for a while, but now feel the release to come back with greater insight than ever.

I will use the information from my guides as well as the tarot and my psychic abilities to help you with the questions you seek. I can tell you and give you the details about the situation you are going through. I am upfront and honest, I do not always tell you what you want to hear, but I will give you the information that is passed through me to you. I care about you and extend my hand to you to help you grow, move ahead and deal with whatever you need to deal with. Try me out and let's make a connection. Love and Light to All.
Experience & Qualifications
The experience I have, I received through my guides and spirits, I am very attuned to the universe as well as Mother Earth. I have also been reading tarot for over a year and the feedback I have received was all positive, and I have had the joy of helping many people out in their day to day struggles as well as helping see the big picture. Check out my ratings.

Come see me for a live reading.


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Blessings to you and yours!
LadyNakomaHawk aka slave name Tesha Miller


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